Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nice people, nice things and nice plants!

I bought the Hugs 'n Kisses Nice People, Nice Things quilt pattern last year and have been hunting for the right fabrics ever since. As soon as I saw the name of this bundle, Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey from Fresh Fabrics at the Hobart Quilt & Craft Fair I knew I'd found the perfect fabrics. Luckily for me I had a craft weekend away (baby in tow) so was able to make a start on tracing the pattern when baby allowed. Another quilt in progress....I'm losing count!

For something different in my cottage garden I use euphorbias. I've got quite a collection. I love the featheriness of their foliage and the "punch" the flowers bring to a Wintry garden. This black one my latest. My garden is going through its gothic phase with black plants. I've forgotten its name so will have to hunt for the label.

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