Monday, May 19, 2014

2014 WIPocalypse May Update

Hello stitchers,

 I have decided to include another of my projects in my WIPocalypse list. I am moving Prairie Schooler alphabet from my Turtle Trot project list to WIPocalypse. I cannot stop stitching on it so I figure it is moving faster than a turtle and should be moved up ranks. I have just finished "D is for Drum"and made a start with "E is for Embroidery". This block will be so pretty with a lady stitching a floral embroidery in a frame. The frame is what you can see.

I have had fun adding the tower to the side of the castle in this Bothy Threads Cut Thru'. It's progressing pretty fast all up. I have almost finished stitching my sixth page.

Promises Kept by Dimenesions The Gold Collection is only just clinging to my list as I have lost so much motivation with it. I really must pull my finger out and give it more time! I have stitched more on the elephant this month. I know it is a lovely stitch but I need lots of concentration to stitch it as the colours are blended at times and the chart is hardish to read.

If you would like to view my stitching in more detail, you can check out my video below showing my progress:

As part of the monthly WIPocalypse update we are asked to answer the following questions:What designs or themes do you really wish you could find?  What do you think is missing among stitching designs?  I would more  cross stitch patterns featuring  characters from books, words, typography or maps. I recently purchased this pattern  featuring classic book spines. This style of cross stitch is right up my alley. More like that would appeal to me.

Thanks for viewing and happy stitching...
                                                        Jan x 

Monday, May 12, 2014

May Turtle Trot 2014

Hello lovely stitchers.

BAP Attack is hosting Turtle Trot 2014.  This is my May update.  I hope you like following my progress. This Turtle Trot allows me to focus on a few WIPs each month. I am one happy girl for signing up to this SAL.

Since April 10th, I have made progress on six of the ten projects on my list.  

1. Shores of Hawk Run Hollow by CHS

I am so close to finishing this block it isn't funny! Only the word "may" and five birds left to complete it. It will definitely be finished by the next update.  Maybe I will make a start to block 2 at my next post also.


2. I Love London
I stitched the yellow D this month. A double decker bus is next up!



3. Shepherd's Bush 2007 Christmas stocking
I only managed a small row of zig zag stitching below the sheep this month.



4. Annet Eriksson's Passion for Stitching Chateau 
I stitched some more letters - n, n and e.



5.  Christmas House by Bucilla
I stitched more of the curtain in the room with the Christmas tree.



6. Designers Forum Needlepoint Rug - no progress this month

7. The Prairie Schooler Alphabet
D is for Drum is almost finished. Just some stitching left on the drum and some backstitch on the vine then I am onto E is for Embroidery.



8. Country House Needleworks Santa's House- no progress
9.  Bucilla Touch of Gold- no progress
10. The Prairie Schooler Pumpkin Patch- No progress

There you have it - 6/10 worked again this month.  Not sure what month I will find the time to stitch on all ten! 

Happy stitching…

                        Jan x

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

HOW TO TUESDAY: Two Handed Cross Stitch Method

Happy Tuesday stitchers,

As promised, here is my video on how I cross stitch using a Q snap frame or hoop. I have taught myself the two-handed method for cross stitching which makes my stitching faster. My right hand is on top of the project with my index finger and thumb at the tip of the needle (either size 26 or 28) and my left hand is underneath, also with a similar finger pattern. Having my fingers closest to the needle allows for more control finding the hole to push the needle through.

I am no expert with this method but this is what works for me. Anything that makes my stitching faster so I can whip through my WIPs makes me a happy stitcher. As always I look forwards to your comments and feedback.

Thanks for viewing... Jan x

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bothy Threads Cut Thru Fun!

Hello readers,

I am back with my Bothy Thread Cut Thru' updates.

The castle is now sporting a tower on the top left side. Sure some more bricks need to be placed but it's formation is there.  I cannot believe how quickly this is growing.  Each page seems to fly by!

I am stitching on the Bothy Threads Cut Thru' Pirate Ship at a slower rate as I am only stitching on it on Wednesday evenings for about an hour (aka Pirate Wednesdays).  I am still stitching the first page.  Last week's progress was on the sail above the duelling pirates. I am stitching this with the lovely Justine. 

Well that's all folks for today. Stay tuned for How To Tuesday when I will post my video on how I do my two-handed cross stitch method.

Happy stitching...
                        Jan x