Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I have a king!

I am embarrassed to say it has taken me a year to finish William the Conqueror. At this rate I won't finish this piece for another 41years! I started this king in the 2015 Crazy Challenge last January. here he is in all his armoury. He is a strong and handsome fellow. No wonder he was victorious at the Battle of Hastings. He is stitched on white 14ct aida using the kit threads. 


I have set stitching goals this year - something I didn't do last year. My plan with this project is to stitch one figure per month. That should be achievable. I also plan to read about the history associated with the royalty as I stitch them. The interesting fact about this William is that he spoke French and not English which influenced our language greatly. 

Until next time happy stitching,
Jan x 


Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 Musings. 2016 Plans.

2015 has been an enjoyable stitchy year even if my number of blog posts and YouTube videos have lessened. That is mostly due to the lack of time.  The good news is my work hours is reducing in 2015 and my youngest starts full time school so there should be more time during the day for updating social media - yay!

This post is about the progress on my goals for 2015 and new goals for 2016.

What are my Top Five Cross Stitch Highlights for 2015?

5. I have stitched more cross stitch presents this year.  My favourite gift was stitching on a Round Robin with friends and giving it to our mutual friend, Gillian, for a surprise 50th birthday present. She had tears in her eyes when she opened the gift so it was worth it.

Four blocks adapted from the Prairie Schooler alphabet
Stitched two over two 32 count white linen.

I stitched most of the J and G block. Note H is for Honey has been changed to J is for Joyful. J is my initial hence the change.
4. I finished up two Christmas ornaments and stitched up 3x more that I will fully finish for next Christmas. It was nice to see my 15yo son enjoy putting his dragon ernie on the tree on Christmas Day.
Just One Bite
From Christmas Ornament magazine 2013
Proud Penguin by Mill Hill gifted to my sister.
3. A highlight has been stitching on my two Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED).   I have found it utterly enjoyable.  Here is Mini Alice and Snow White.  I stitch on my HAEDs during the day in my craft room if I have a free moment. I keep them there ready to go.

2. I am totally addicted to watching FlossTube (cross stitch Youtube channels) even if I haven't made many videos myself recently. It has taken over my TV viewing. I love to watch them while stitching.

Drum roll...for my top moment please...

1. Being part of the community of stitchers.  I love meeting new stitchers. The highlight was getting a message from a fellow Facebooker about the same HAED we are stitching, only to discover she lives 15 minutes away.  It has been awesome to get to know someone who also loves HAEDs . Hi Sarah!

So let's check up on my progress of 2015:
2015 New Starts/My Actual Progress:

1. Mirabilia SAL  The Enchanted Mermaid January 1st start- yes I did start this for that one day but haven't stitched on it since. I plan to stitch on it today though to make up for my slackness. It will become the WIP I stitch on regularly with my cross stitch friends, when I complete the Prairie Schooler Alphabet in 3-5 months. 

28 ct hand-dyed evenweave stitched two over two 
2. Chatelaine pattern - Mini Castle - I never got around to starting this; hopefully I will start it in 2016

3. Chatelaine design - 2011 Autumn Freebie Fly Agaric- A little progress made. It should finish this in 2016

32 ct linen stitched two over two

4. Purple Stitching - Classic Book Spines - like the Mirabilia mermaid I stitched on it for a day and that was it. I plan to stitch on this consistently this year.

Stitched two over one full crosses 18ct Aida

5. Bothy Threads - Kings and Queens -  I have almost finished the first figure William I.  Oh well, better than no stitches in it. I had better pull my finger out on this one. 

Stitched two over one Aida 16t
6. HAED - Treasure Hunt Bookshelf Fox to Dragon - I have put in about a 1000 stitches; lots of confetti in this one!

Stitched two over one tent stitch on 25 ct even weave

2015 WIPs that I plan to finish during 2015/My Actual progress:
1. Prairie Schooler -Alphabet
I am currently stitching K is for Kitty.  11 down, 16 to go!- I didn't finish it but made good progress. I have stitched 22 and 2/3 blocks. I am 5 1/3 to go.  I am in the middle of stitching V is for Vineyard. I will finish it this year! 

Stitched two over two 36 ct linen

Blocks U and V

2. HAED Mini Alice and Snow White
I have almost stitched a full page in a month so lets hope I can keep up this progress - That pace of stitching was not continued but I am halfway through page 10 so should knock this project off by mid-2016.

3. Heritage Sampler Company - I Love London - My big finish for the year! I need to make it into a cushion so should try and do that over this Summer.

4.  Annet Eriksson's Passion for Stitching Chateau - No progress on this so I should make this a Summer project

2015 Works in Progress - not necessarily finish in 2015
1. Bucilla - A Touch of Gold - I put this project away as I have run out of a colour and need to colour match it. I'm not sure I will get it out this year. I think this might be one for 2017.


2. Carriage House Samplings - Shores of Hawk Run Hollow- I have almost finished Block 2 and plan to make this a car project.  I will take out with me and work on it if I am waiting for something (usually children doing an activity).

Stitched two over two 32 ct linen

3. Designers Forum Needlepoint Rug- I have worked on this a bit and finished the inner border in 2015. It will definitely have more stitching time in 2016.

4. Country House Needleworks- Santa's House -I am now stitching all 12 of the Santa's Village series as part of a SAL on Facebook. I started Block 1, Santa's House on New Year's Day.  I plan to stitch a block per month.

Stitched on Smokey Pearl Belfast 32ct linen
two over two

5. Dimensions- Promises Kept - I have stitched a bit more on this but need to make this a focus piece in 2016. I aim to finish it!

 16 ct Aida

WIPS for 2016:

1. Vervaco Fox Cushion
11ct cross stitch in yarn
2. Mill Hill bead kit- train and scotty dog
3.  Mill Hill bead kit - scotty dog
4. Prairie Schooler alphabet
5. HAED Mini Alice and Snow White
6. HAED QS Treasure Hunt Bookshelf Fox to Drago
7. Mirabilia The Enchanted Mermaid
8. Carriage House Samplings Shores of Hawk Run Hollow
9. Dimensions Gold Promises Kept
10. Annet Eriksson's Chateau
11. Chatelaine 
12. Bothy Thread Pirate Ship

13. Bothy Thread Kings and Queens
14. Designers Forum needlepoint rug
15. Bucilla A Touch of Gold
16. Country Cottage Needleworks Santa's Village
17. Purple Stitching Classic Book Spines

Possible New Starts for 2016:
1. HAED Four Seasons
2. Chatelaine  - Mini Castle
3. Carriage House Samplings Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow
4. Charting Creation's Santa's on the Big Top
5. Charting Creation's Small Blueberry Lunch

This leaves me with a grand total of 17 WIPs (and possibly plus some I have completely forgotten about he he). 

Happy Stitchy New Year to you all...

                                                       Jan x

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Working on a HAED WIP

It is so devine to have the time to do daytime stitching during the January summer holidays. I love this more than anything in January. No school drop offs, no after school activities and for another 10 days, no work. Yay!

Today I stitched on a Heaven and Earth Design WIP called Mini Alice and Snow White. I started this Dec 1st 2014. I am up to page 10 of the large format pattern. It is tent stitched two over one. I am loving this. The parking method and PDF pattern keep me so organised.


Happy stitching...
Jan xox

Friday, January 1, 2016

A New Start for the New Year

HNY everyone! I heralded the year stitching on a new start, CCN Santa's Village. I bought the first block, Santa's House in 2014 so it needed starting. I was inspired by a Facebook group which are running it as a SAL. I plan to stitch all 12 blocks on the one piece of fabric and stitch one house per month.

I made a small start this morning then stitched more than the photo shows while halftime at a cricket match. 

The fabric is 32ct Smokey pearl Belfast linen stitched two over two. I am using Rainbow Treasure braid to add sparkle to the snow.


Wishing you lots of happy stitching days...

Jan xox