Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Time for a WIP update!

Hello readers,

Since my last post, I received Happy Mail from Jo at Serendipitous Stitching.  I won the Easter Blog Hop.  Jo sent me a gorgeous handmade Goody Bag filled with delicious Jodyri hand dyed Thread and a chocolate. Thanks Jo for bringing a smile to my face! I don't have any Easter themed stitching so she enhanced my stash with a delightful Easter pattern also (not in photo).

The Bothy Threads Cut Thru' Castle is stitching up fabulously. I only have a page and a little left then will finish it with the backstitching. I am trying to focus on this so I can finish it very soon.  I am currently stitching the cellar and the cell.  The prisoner is about to make a jail-break so that will be a fun part of the pattern to stitch! Such a story is told in this design.

The Prairie Schooler Alphabet is going well also! This is an inspiring stitch done on natural 36 ct linen. In the photo I have almost finished G is for Garden (which is now finished).  Next up is H is for Honey. Also pictured below are some finished blocks, E is for Embroidery and D is for Drum.

Gosh cross stitch is exciting! So many patterns to enhance my stash and to start. I couldn't help buying three patterns in the latest Heaven and Earth Designs sale naughty me.  Did anyone else succumb? I have to stop myself.  Right, stitch those WIPs then move onto the next pattern.  I am being v e r y  s t r o n g.

Happy stitching until next time...
                                             Jan x