Monday, August 15, 2011

English and Aussie gardens...

Three ladybirds and the tail of a pretty bird have appeared on my Marjolein Bastin English garden sampler. I have finished the watering can, sparrow and basket of strawberries.
Let me ask you a question dear fellow cross stitch devotees. How do you keep track of the pattern on a large chart? I'm finding it particularly tricky on this sampler to keep my eye on exactly where I am particularly in the larger areas of cross stitch. The pattern is printed in black and white only so I think this makes it trickier. I have been using a sticky note under where I am up to but that is thwart with problems.
From an English garden to Aussie one:

As you have probably read I moved house late last year. My new house is in a bushy area with garden stipulations using native Australian plants. I'm finding it an exciting challenge planting in this new style as I have always been an "English style" gardener through and through.

I have kept an area of my garden for my English and edible plants but I have designated a large area to native plants. I'm trying to love the natives but their less vibrant green and smaller flowers make them less lovable. I guess foliage planting is the key! On the plus side the presence of plenty of bird varieties (Wattlebirds, honeyeaters and fairy wrens etc) make this garden style worth persisting with.


Kathy said...

Hi Jan,
I have started to photo-copy my x-stitch patterns and then I colour them in with a black lead pencil as I go. Some people I have seen use a highlighter. Your x-stitch seems to be coming along quickly and looks great. Happy Stitching

Sarah said...

Yup I am with Kathy... I do this. BUt with yours and multiple colours.. I am not sure but patience and persistence!!

It is look ing good!

Gabi said...

Beautiful progress. Lovely.
Like Kathy I make working copies. And I work with a red pencil to scratch out what I stitched. For me it works the best if I make scratch the parts that I have stitched out, making them "invisible". (my working copies look
That being said, it works different for each.
Plus I enlarge most of the charts I'm working on.
Love your garden.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

That's my blog post on how I manage. I decide which colour I'm going to stitch - say dark blue, then I colour all the dark blue symbols in with a dark blue felt pen. Then I do the med blue with a med blue pen and so on.
It makes a lovely colourful working copy!

Giovanna said...

I love how your sampler is growing - it's beautiful!

Jan said...

Thanks girls for your insightful comments. You have given me so many ideas for reading my pattern easier. I'll definately give your suggestion a try.

Lizy said...

I use colors pencils!!!! But no highlighter cause one time I accindetally got some on the fabric and it was hard to get off!!!!!