Thursday, October 20, 2011

Take my HAED survey...

I try to blog twice weekly - Mondays and Thursdays. It seems to fit best into my life.  I hope it doesn't mean I am a control freak.  I'm always hoping I have enough stitching to show you though after 3x days. Mostly there is something to show you. When I first started my blog back in '09 I was doing it on a random basis which meant there were long stretches which were blogless :(
Do you have regular blogging days or do you just blog at random times? 

Over the last three days there is progress on the toadstool...

By the way I haven't forgotten about the Hawk Run Hollow patterns I have bought.  I have decided to use 36ct linen for the Shores of HRH as I will cope with the stitching size better. I am going to start Shores of Hawk Run Hollow after I finish Marjolein Bastin sampler. I am trying very hard to not have more than one BAP going at a time. The temptation to start another is very hard to resist!

DH and I took our family to the Royal Hobart Show today. A toddler meeting a kid (the goat variety) is a moment to remember forever.  My eldest son (nearly 11) is missing from the shots. He took off with some school mates once we arrived at The Show which was the last we saw of him LOL.

Thanks for stopping by my garden,

                                                          Jan  xox

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Giovanna said...

Lovely progress on the MB! Love to see how this is growing.