Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Brrrr...Winter Stitching

Lots of people complain about Hobart's Winter. I don't. Secretly, bad weather is my favourite weather. Today is a perfect example - snow flurries, rain and howling wind. I'm loving it! I haven't got time to stitch during today (toddler and housework need I say more) but come 8pm I will batten down the hatches and settle in front of the TV with some needlework. I will be perfectly cosy and happy.

Success!!! I have completed all of the stitching on Toddler Tom's Shepherd's Bush "reed" Christmas stocking. Now there are charms to attach and to get it sewn into a stocking. I adore the row of houses along the bottom of the stocking. I'm sure he will love it for years to come especially the presents that will hide inside it.

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ally said...

the soup looks good - so does the stocking - I really must hunt mine out - and then start trying to remember how to cross stitch!