Friday, December 16, 2011

Silly Season...

It really is the sillyseason. The last week at our house has been crazy!!!  Four concerts featuring my two eldest children all happened to be in the one week. It sent not only toddler Tom crazy but moi a little frazzled too. But that's what happens in the southern hemisphere at Christmas time - everything including the school year comes to an end.

Well now that I have those events out of the way I'm getting into the spirit of Christmas. I couldn't resist making these sewn cross stitch ornaments from the Christmas 2011 edition of Cross Stitcher magazine. I only bought it yesterday as a hospital read while my daughter had minor surgery. I came home later in the day and stitched all three in the one evening which is good going for me! Today I have completely neglected the housework and sewn them up. I l.o.v.e. the look.

I have also done a few lines on page 1 of my HAED ("Love" by Marta Dahlig). As you can see Bob too is enjoying my HAED. Apparently cross stitches in frames are really comfortable!

I have also been working on my MB English garden sampler but not enough to post a photo of significant progress.

Happy Silly Season to you all!


Giovanna said...

Those ornaments are so cute, well done!

cucki said...

aww sweet picture :)
i love the ornaments..they are so sweet..
your kitty is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee
lots of love for you..
hugs cucki xx

Theresa said...

These ornaments are sooooo cute!!!!!

Kaisievic said...

Hi Jan, I am a new follower, come across from Jo of Serendipitous Stitching. Love your blog. I have Marjorie Bastein's English garden, too - which I started many years ago. Maybe we should SAL it to get it finished?

I love the ornaments you did - so quick!

I also have a favour to ask, Jo told me that she has sent you the design for the very cute christmas house/hutch which she posted on Dec 1st of the Advent calendar. I was wondering if you would be willing to send it on to me when you are finished with it? Jo says that she is okay with that. I just love the design, too. Let me know.

I am an Aussiegirl, too, living in Melbourne.

Hugs, Kaye

Tammy said...

Love the ornaments, cute way of finishing them