Thursday, May 24, 2012

All about squirrels....oh yeah and IHSW..and mustn't forget my TUSAL

IHSW provided some much needed stitching time to finally finish the squirrel.  Hooray I hear you say!!! Finally Jan will have new pictures on thread garden that don't feature a squirrel.

So close to this space over the next month (yes I will allow you to blogstalk)

Well I have learnt something whilst surfing for cross stitched squirrels.  There are squirrel haters. One blogger at Beware the Squirrel, even blogs about her love/hate relationship with them. Can you believe there is a whole blog dedicated to this?  I admit I don't live amongst squirrels (living in Asutralia would have something to do with that) but when I visited the UK I couldn't believe how utterly adorable they were with their little nose twitches and acorns between their tiny paws. 

So in the interests of the cross stitched squirrel let your mouse do some blog hopping:

1. Another Marjolein Bastin squirrel stitched by June King
2. The Victoria Sampler Winter Squirrel stitched by For The Love of Cross Stitch
3. A darling squirrel at pieKnits which is a freeie (link on the blog)
4. A cross stitch squirrel purse
5. A 3D embroidery squirrel at The Floss Box. I know it's not cross stitched but it is seriously impressive.

Finally...stitching means orts. So here's my TUSAL.  It was irresistable to little fingers.

Thanking for singing in the rain in my garden...

                                                                       Jan x


dulcinella said...

I suppose you have blogs about everything. I loved going to those on your list. Your design is coming close to a finish indeed! I will do blogstalking here for sure. Loved your picure of the jar:-)

Sarah said...

Oh Jan - so soooo close!

Anonymous said...


Your project just keeps on getting prettier!
I'm in the UK and I love squirrels although I know a lot of people regard the grey ones as vermin.
Happy stitching!

geeky Heather said...

OMIGOSH!!! Thank you for all the squirrel links. I love the little guys, so never apologize for too much squirrel on your blog. =)

♥ Nia said...

Your wip looks beautiful!!! :D

Melissa said...

Great job on your garden sampler! You're almost done :)

Bea said...

What a lovely stitching piece! And you're so close to a finish. I think squirrels are cute too, although there are 2 of them that run across the top of the fence driving my cats crazy!

Margaret said...

Your Marjolein Bastein piece is gorgeous! I've always loved her work -- you're doing a great job! So there aren't squirrels in Australia? I never even thought about that. We have squirrels all the time outside, we sort of take them for granted. I think the squirrels in the UK are the cutest. lol! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Karoline said...

You're getting so close to having it finished, great progress

Mangogirl said...

gorgeous stitching :D Such a lovely squirrel I remember when I was overseas everyone thought us wierd for liking the squirrels.

Valentina said...

Great stitching and a big hooray for finishing the squirrel!