Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's all about Marjolein Bastin for my Theme-alicious update...

Thank you so much to all that drop by especially those that say "hi". I am having trouble with my email at present so cannot reply to you in person. Fingers crossed this problem is fixed soon. I get a glow from your comments.

Theme-alicious' Amazon April is over but not out as I haven't posted my update yet. My Amazon BAP (and I could only have one as I had to take my stitching on holidays with me) was none other than my Marjolein Bastin design.

I felt this squirrel part of the sampler was sooooo slow. Was it because I was stitching in bad light in caravan parks or was I too chilaxed from being on holidays? Any hoo I am plodding on with it and only have the scrubbing brush the squirrel is sitting on to finish.

When I photographed the whole sampler today I shocked myself at how little is left. The end is in sight.  How long do you think? Please keep in mind the next month is crazy with dancing costumes. Three months? Oooh, I so hope so. What will I start on then?  Shores of HRH?

Here are some links to others in Blogland stitching Marjolein Bastin designs:
* Elisabeth is a kindred soul and is stitching the English Garden sampler like me! Check out her gorgeous pics.
* The Shabby Stitcher has stitched MB's Summer Fruits. I have photo envy on this blog!
* PocandPoch has stitched the cutest MB bunny ever. I haven't seen that design before.

The next theme is May Memories. I am thinking that I need to get back to my HAED (which is a distant March memory) so that will be the goal and aim to get the first half page done.

Thank you for tossing Autumn leaves in my garden...

                                                                           Jan x


Elisabeth said...

I got a blush on my face when I saw my name on your site. Then came the smile. Now when I look to your embroidery, I enjoy this work. In my mind knowing that my embroidery is wonderful as well. All the soft colors, neat cross stitches. Wonderful!!!

See you next time :)

Carla said...

MB's sampler is looking fantastic, I'm sure you you'll finish in less than three months ;)

Giovanna said...

You're doing great on the MB - beautiful!

geeky Heather said...

Ah, but that squirrel is so sweet, he's worth the work, right? =) You are soooo close!!! Very exciting!

Sarah said...

OH gosh so much has been done since I watched you start. AND so close to finishing! Exciting.

I know what you mean by how some things seem to take forever. I think for me that happens when I am so close to finishing! Impatience on my part!

Gabi said...

So so so very beautiful. Love your Marjolein Bastin piece.

Veronica said...

Wow! Your Marjolein Bastin WiP is stunning. The squirrel is so cute too. Nearly there :D


Shebafudge said...

Your MB is looking absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on being so close to a finish.