Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mum, can you knit me a ...

Jack (my preteen son): Mum can you knit me a beard?

Me: A what?

Jack: A beard. They are all the rage on YouTube

After trawling the net, I found a free pattern. Jack was right - they are everywhere! I even saw an actor wearing one on a TV show. I decided to knit it in a colour (out of my scraps) that tones in with his hair. Also I only used acrylic yarn so it isn't itchy.  It knitted up in about an hour! I sewed elastic so it stays on his head.

Jack loves wearing it especially in the evenings and as a surprise for his friends. He says it keeps his face warm.  I always do a double take when I see him.  It is hilarious!

Have you knitted or crafted anything that is purely just for a laugh?

Thanks for dropping by...

                                    Jan x


Giovanna said...

What a hoot! Great knitting.

Catherine said...

Lol! That is awesome! I bet your expression was funny when he asked you!

Louise Allan said...

So funny -- a glimpse of a future, hairier Jack, maybe!