Tuesday, May 6, 2014

HOW TO TUESDAY: Two Handed Cross Stitch Method

Happy Tuesday stitchers,

As promised, here is my video on how I cross stitch using a Q snap frame or hoop. I have taught myself the two-handed method for cross stitching which makes my stitching faster. My right hand is on top of the project with my index finger and thumb at the tip of the needle (either size 26 or 28) and my left hand is underneath, also with a similar finger pattern. Having my fingers closest to the needle allows for more control finding the hole to push the needle through.

I am no expert with this method but this is what works for me. Anything that makes my stitching faster so I can whip through my WIPs makes me a happy stitcher. As always I look forwards to your comments and feedback.

Thanks for viewing... Jan x


Shirlee said...

Nice seeing you : ) I will give your method a try : )

Giovanna said...

You make it look so easy... it's fascinating to watch, will have to try.

Linda said...

Amazing Jan. You did 6 full x's in a minute. You should be flying through all those projects. Back in the 70's when I was doing needlepoint, I could stitch like that. Sad to say I can't do it that way anymore.
The castle looks great.

cucki said...

Aww it's so nice method..
Thank you dear x

Heather, aka: Big Auntie said...

So nice to put a face to your blog, and I love your accent! Very cool stitching method; I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing the video (I had a really hard time hearing you, even with my volume turned all the way up, but it might just be me.) :)

Jan Jones said...

Jan next time turn your record volume way up as I couldn't hear a thing. The method you use is interesting and I have tried it in the past. It wasn't for me though as I use a very long thread for x-stitching, three times the length you show in your video. Hope to see more stitching videos from you. :-)

Julie said...

Lovely video, I can do the two handed method, but the other way round as I'm left handed lol.

Anja said...

Hi Jan,
this is Anja from Germany.
First I had the same frame as you have and I stitched with one hand many years.
Then I found a stand (Opus Floor Stand, not so expensive), where I could catch my frame in and that was fantastic. Two free hands! I did that for two years.
Now I have found the best for me. A Complete Workstation with stand and Millennium frame from Needle Needs. I waited a long time from day of order to the day it came to me, but it is sooo great.
I found your blog some months ago and I love to visit you. I am a knitter and cross stitcher, wife, mother at home, three children and one black cat .
Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von Anja

Dani - tkdchick said...

I try to stitch two handed when I can as well! Nice to see someone doing a video how-to!