Friday, January 20, 2012

Two starts...

My needles have been running hot over the last few days starting new projects. I'm having my own little Crazy January Challenge.

I have started the Christmas House. A big wave to Jo who can't think of a clever name from Serendipitous Stitching who sent the pattern to me. I have been inspired to start it (even though it's nowhere near Christmas) as I have two fellow Aussie bloggers,Kaye and Kathy, on the list for this travelling pattern next. I am not using the required threads (as not sure what brand they are) so just going my own DMC interpretation of the colours from the photo.

I have begun the School House Sample from Birds of a Feather. I thought I would struggle with the dark linen but I'm coping with it well.

Thanks for dropping into my garden...
                                                           Jan x


Gabi said...

Lovely starts. Looking forward to see more of them. LOVE anything BOAF :)

Giovanna said...

Big kudos to you for starting something on a dark fabric in these dark mont... oh wait, you're in Australia, lol! That's OK then :-)

Seriously, those are two lovely starts.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Big wave back!
So pleased that you're stitching the little house, and laughing at the waiting list too.
It's so much better than having it sit in the chart chest for another 15 years!

Sarah said...

Oh oh you must tell me about he traveling pattern idea... sounds interesting!

I really like the School House Sample. I eyed it off at your last post.

Keep going!