Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bunking down...

A warm and hearty hello!!! Yes I'm back from a super holiday. As I live on an island (it does sound more exotic than it is!) DH, three children and I travelled for 5 hours by plane to Western Australia. 

Holiday highlights included:
- sitting on the most amazing beach, Bunker Bay which would rival Wineglass Bay in Tasmania (although since returning home I have found out that Bunker Bay is known for a shark attack so Wineglass Bay might win the more friendlier beach competition)
- being part of my sister's 40th party
- learning the art of archery (that would make Katniss proud - if you have read or seen The Hunger Games)
- hearing Tom's new words: "gink" for drink, "wogga" for water, "oh no" (which are frightening words to hear on a plane)

Yes I did squeeze in some cross stitch. I took Marjolein Bastin with me and even found time to stitch her name. I will share that next time. Here is the little squirrel with all but his bushy tail done.

You will be proud of me as I did the holiday on crutches. Let's say, I didn't walk great distances and I got to ride in those special lifts onto the plane.  My leg injury is purely muscular so it is mending quicker than a broken bone.  I cannot say I even did the injury in some amazing, sporty way; I did it running down steps. Who knows? Maybe step running will be in the Olympics some day. I have obviously hit middle age.

Thank you for frolicking in my garden...
                                                           Jan x


geeky Heather said...

SQUIRREL!! Oh, he's so cute and fluffy!! Glad you had a nice holiday despite the crutches! =O

Minnie said...

Glad you injury is healing quickly and you enjoyed your vacation. The stitching is lovely. Don't you just love those first words.

Chelle said...


Love it. And your vacation sounds so awesome. I would love to visit Australia someday, but with fibromyalgia, that's probably just a dream. Who knows - maybe they'll find a cure! :o)

Giovanna said...

Very cute squirrel! Glad you're on the way to healing.

dulcinella said...

Looks like you had a wonderful vacation! I love the squirrel (I'm a big fan of Marjolein Bastin designs) and you did some wonderful stitching on it. Hope all physical problems will be over and forgotten soon.

Elisabeth said...

How nice to hear that you had a nice holiday. That picture of your little guy is also very nice. And of course your embroidery, which is fine crosses, colors. Your embroidery become very beautiful. Currently I also picked up.

As you may have seen I do not write what I wrote. I moved my site to their own domain. Called In English this means precious life. I do not know whether the translation is quite right, my english is so perfect now it is not.

Until the next blog.