Monday, March 10, 2014

2014 Turtle Trot: March Update

Hello special readers.

My apologies for not posting sooner. A little man's birthday and illness have prevented me.

My Tom has turned 4! He was adamant about having a Star Wars themed party even though he hasn't watched the movies or seen the TV cartoon. I gather he and his day care friends play Star Wars in the playground and this has captured his imagination. His enthusiasm was delightful as he dressed in his Darth Vader ("Dark" Vader as he called it) outfit minus the mask which was "too scary".

Following the busyness of hosting a party and life in general, I came down with a yucky virus. I am pleased to say I conquered that one using the force. Viruses can be such a drag. 

BAP Attack is hosting Turtle Trot 2014.  This is my March update. Although I have 10 projects listed in my Turtle Trot list I just cannot seem to get through all 10! I will try harder next month.  I have completely lost one project somewhere. I am fearful I lost it camping. Let's hope I track it down soon. 

Since February 10th, I have made progress on five of the ten projects on my list.  

1. Shores of Hawk Run Hollow by CHS
I was delighted to finally put the finishing touches to the rocks and ocean and stitch the sweet gull. Now I need to get busy and finish stitching the words and sun on this block.



2. I Love London
A London cab is now adorning this stitcher. Ain't she sweet?  It reminds me of our London trip highlight in 2006 being driven in a speeding cab around Mayfair and Trafalgar Square.



3. Shepherd's Bush 2007 Christmas stocking
An adorable sheep is playing now on the hills below the king.



4. Annet Eriksson's Passion for Stitching Chateau - I have still lost this! Where oh where have I put you?

5.  Christmas House by Bucilla
I added a little greenery about the window. I have run out of one colour so it stopped me earlier than I wanted.



6. Designers Forum Needlepoint Rug - no progress this month

7. The Prairie Schooler Alphabet
I have started stitching the whole alphabet on one piece of linen 36 ct two over two. I am totally addicted to this that this will definitely move from my Turtle Trot to my WIPocalypse.  I have almost finished the first letter and have started B is for Blackbird.



8. Country House Needleworks Santa's House- Whoops no progress
9.  Bucilla Touch of Gold-  Whoops no progress
10. The Prairie Schooler Pumpkin Patch- Whoops No progress

Overall I am proud of my stitching progress. 

Happy stitching…

                        Jan x


Blu said...

Happy birthday to Tom! A Star Wars party sounds like a lot of fun.

Your WIPs are looking great.

Anonymous said...

beautiful stitching and congrats to the birthday boy

Sarah in Stitches said...

Beautiful stitching, Jan! You're making great progress on the alphabet. Can't wait to see "B"! :D

Chris said...

It looks like Tom had a great birthday! What fun!
Wonderful stitching progress, I love your before and after pics.
Have a great week!

Preeti said...

Happy Birthday to Tom!!
Lovely stitching on your WIPs!! Hope you find your missing project soon.

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday to Tom ~ what a great smile!
Beautiful stitches!

Mii Stitch said...

Happy birthday to your son!!! Star Wars party sounds like the best party ever :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Jan, you're making good progress on a lot of great projects!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Wow! Fantastic progress on so many porjects this month. The A is for Anchor is particularly striking. I am going to enjoy following your progress on this project.

When my son was four we used to allow him to watch the Battle for the Forest with the Ewoks in Star Wars Episode 6. We would find the beginning of the scenes and that was all he could watch as it is quite age-appropriate and good fun.
He was allowed to watch the whole film later and is still a big fan.

Brigitte said...

Tom's birthday party must have been a lot of fun for him and his freinds. And you made a lot of progress on your WIPs. Really great success on the PS alphabet.

zenuwpees said...

Les broderies sont magnifique bravo Marie-Claire

Linda said...

Wonderful progress on everything Jan. Happy Birthday to your son.


Julie said...

Happy birthday wishes to your little man, what a lovely smile he has.
Good to read you are feeling much better, it is worse being sick when you are the Doc???
Lots of lovely progress on all your projects Jan, well done.

Karoline said...

Happy birthday to your DS. Mine is exactly the same about superhero's, he's never seen any if the films but he & his friends spend hours playing them. Mostly it seems to involve a lot of mad charging around!

Great progress on your projects, they are looking lovely