Friday, June 24, 2011

New vegetable garden...

The lawn before it was dug into a vegie patch:

The new four bed "rotation system" vegie patch as according to Peter Cundall:

Hubby and I are thrilled with how many vegetables we have grown since it was planted up in February of this year. It cost about $300 Aus. I have bypassed the vegetable aisle in the supermarket regularly in the last 3 months so I know it is worth the effort. Besides, the vegies it produces taste so much better than bought ones.

Thank you for visiting, Jan


Jo in TAS said...

Homegrown tastes so much better and I'm sure it's better for us without all those chemicals that are sprayed on commercial crops!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jo from Tasmania. Please continue to make the most of your veggie garden. You are so lucky that in Tasmania it's not necessary to use the chemicals we are forced to use here in New South Wales. Having been born and raised in Tasmania I was astounded at the vast increase in the numbers of creatures chewing into the produce.