Monday, November 18, 2013

What's your WiP? Needlework Linky Party

Do you like to part-eY? I do. Especially if it involves cross stitch or craft!

I haven't seen many cross stitch Linky Parties on the web so I've decided to start one. I like to keep up with my follower's blogs but sometimes I miss their posts. I like to meet new bloggers too. I like the way Linky Parties connect the blog writer with the reader.

The WiP I am sharing today, is an embroidery/quilting WiP (rather than my usual cross stitch WiP). I began it in a Sue Spargo (google famous US quilter) workshop last year. Sue is an absolute inspiration and I had a ball doing the class.  Sadly, I put my woollen leaf wall hanging WiP aside and didn't touch it after the workshop ended.  I wasn't sure about where to progress with it or even if I liked it! The cost of trimmings I purchased as part of the workshop to decorate the leaves has been bugging me. I have now vowed to embroider and decorate a leaf a week.  I have even formed a FB Group  called TooManyWIPs to inspire myself (anyone welcome to join).


cucki said...

So beautiful xx

Sarah in Stitches said...

Oh wow, this looks lovely! I can't wait to see all the leaves done :D

zenuwpees said...

Si beau bon apr├Ęs-midi Marie-Claire