Friday, June 29, 2012

June 23: A Photo A Day

A Photo A Day June 23: "Movement"

In our household "movement" is equated to my daughter constantly moving which is usually in the form of dance. So what is more appropriate than taking a photo of my daughter dancing!  I have recently got the urge to scrapbook again after putting it aside for 5 or so years.  One of my first "return to scrapbooking" layouts is this one using photos from a Russian jazz group in 2004 when my daughter was only tiny and 5.

Happy stitchy weekend...
                                      Jan x

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Sarah said...

YAY you are scrapping again!!!

Yup I do the same - it comes and goes... I need it to come for a little while so I can 'catch up' you know that constantly striving state of scrapbooking!!!