Friday, June 1, 2012

A Photo A Day - June

A unique way to remember June is to participate in A Photo A Day. A photo theme is suggested for each day. My cross stitchy blog will be inspired by these photo themes.

June 1: morning

To honour "morning", I designed and stitched a sunrise on 32 count evenweave using 2 strands of DMC thread.

Since moving to my new house 18 months ago I marvel at sunrises almost every day. I have never had this luxury of a house with a view and blindly ignored sunrises most days. Magical.

The sunrise from today is extra important. It's the first sunrise for Winter.

Thank you for crunching the frosty grass...

                                                                      Jan x


ally said...

You are going to cross stitch for each word - wow!!!
I have trouble snapping a shot somedays

Beautiful shot of sunrise too

Anonymous said...

Your cross stitch is lovely!

Gorgeous photo too.