Saturday, June 16, 2012

Theme-alicous update and Blog Clean-up...

Hello fabulous readers,

Mid-June equals a Theme-alicious update. It is Jumangi June, so some of my stitching time has been devoted to stitching animals.  I have stitched the outline of these camels and their background on this Noah's Ark cross stitch. The cow outlines are next. Stitching this is uplifting like dancing a jig (and yes, I can do an Irish jig).

A before picture of Noah's Ark.

A current close-up photo of Noah's Ark:

My MB English sampler cross stitch has the addition of 2/3 a bowl of pumpkins. The colours have the richness of Autumn.

It is school holidays in Tassie which means more home time. I stumbled across a practical blog that gave tips for female bloggers on how to give a blog a facelift. It hit me that my blog was looking like my sewing room: m e s s y. I feel guilty now that I didn't actually spend the time cleaning my sewing room but at least I cleaned something (even if it was just virtual). 

Women Get Social  made me contemplate my blogposts are tagged. So gone are my two hundred different tag titles in a jumbled cloud.
How do you tag your posts? Do you have a tagging system?
There are also some new pages on my blog. An About Me page and a Links page to fun, blogging things like Theme-alicious and WIPocalypse.
Do you surf the net on how to improve your blog and blogposts?
Enjoy your time picking the bluebells in my garden...

                                                                                      Jan x


Anonymous said...


Your stitching is looking great!
Thanks for the tip on blog clean ups and the links. I don't really clean mine up but just play around with the colours.

dulcinella said...

Lovely colors and beautiful colors. You're a brave woman cleaning up:-) Thanks for the links. If I feel in the mood, I know where to go, although I'd better clean up my head first!

Anonymous said...

hi Jan, thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment, I'm always happy to find another stitcher's blog to follow
lovely stitching wips you have, I love the MB English Sampler it beautiful :)

geeky Heather said...

Love the camels! =)

I occasionally try to clean up my blog, especially if *I* load the main page and it takes too long!! It's probably time for a redesign, but I love my header and it took such a long time to "motivate" the hubby to make it for me. =)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I do have a tagging system! I'm very careful to use exactly the same format when adding tags, eg the Flower of the Month cards I'm doing.
I always tag the designer AND the design separately so I can search under either.
My gadgets are carefully chosen too and arranged in a special order of "most useful".
I read the tips and found them very useful, not cluttering your sidebars with too many banners and widgets. I also agree about the tracker showing where visitors come from, I too find it a little un-nerving!
I also like my posts' titles to follow the same format for TUSAL, WIPocalypse etc. I'm just OCD, me!

Karoline said...

Both wips are looking lovely, great progress

Valentina said...

Two really nice wips! Can't wait to see more of Noah's Ark